The story

MiddleSmith is the alias of freelance graphic designer Richard Smith. As a studio the service of collaboration is at it’s core. Whether that be with developers, designers, agencies or most importantly clients. For 61,350 hours we’ve been designing digital experiences for devices that sit in your pockets, on your laps and on your desks.

Because everyone loves a backstory…

I’m the middle child of two brothers (hence the name). Went to uni, learnt how to learn, picked up a brief insight into what graphic design was and ignited a passion for creating things. Skip forward three years of studying and I had a first class degree in my pocket, ready to take on the world.

It was straight from the Uni that I landed my first full-time (paying) graphic design job for Southend United Football Club, my local childhood football club.

From there I travelled the yellow brick road to experience life as an in-house designer and also work for both large and small London based design agencies. I was fortunate to be thrown into the ring with some big name clients and gained a level of exposure that any designer would dream to get.

With career progression in mind the difficult decision came to make a choice - stick or twist.

I needed to venture out of my comfort zone which meant attempting the design equivalent of a forward facing, double somersault pike dive - Yep, going it alone.

I’m now a full time freelance designer with a little studio where I fill my days with all things creative…To be continued.

Fun fact - The alias of MiddleSmith was adopted when a google search produced 354,000,000 results for the name ‘Richard Smith’.

What we do
  • Digital Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
Selected clients